Hello friends, as you have certainly seen, there has been radio silence here lately. How come? One reason was that in the last two years there hasn’t been as much excitement in crowdfunding as in the years before. The scene has consolidated, the crazy ideas have become less. Maybe it’s also because it’s no longer so easy to convince potential clients of a crazy idea due to the many failed projects.

But apart from that, the main reason is the following: In the last articles you could clearly see that I had approached the topic guitar more strongly again. After a break of a few years my fingers were tingling again and since I got a Strandberg Boden Plini for Christmas 2018 it was clear that the focus of the blog had shifted to the topic guitar.

No more fridgesized rack… Olli goes pedalboard

It was followed by the re-entry into a band (Disassembled), extensive playing and (of course) the detailed work with the right equipment. I already had the perfect, ergonomic guitar with the Strandberg Boden Plini and so I worked my way through several iterations to the perfect pedalboard for me. Yes, the old 19″ refrigerator size rack-ollie doesn’t feel like carrying racks and boxes anymore but travels with light luggage. This even ended up in the construction of his own midi controller. A project that I will definitely present here when the time comes.

Another point why the steppe witches rolled over the prairie here in the blog is the competition “Strandberg Spark” organized by Strandberg. In this competition, topics are regularly presented to which one could provide content. These were evaluated by a jury and awarded with so-called flints. A certain number of flints could then be exchanged at Strandberg for products up to a guitar. Of course, this was naturally motivating. And so in the evening I preferred to build content for the Strandberg Spark competition than to write blog articles. Okay, I exaggerated a bit with that. So much so that I’m now on the jury myself. So I will certainly show you some of the entries I posted at Spark in the future.

Some contribuitions for the Strandberg Spark competition

The bottom line is that I have the feeling that it’s time to revive the blog a bit more. But don’t be too surprised if it becomes more guitar-heavy.

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