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Grows with you – modular pedalboard from Morton Pedalboards

Such a pedalboard for guitarists and bassists is almost a living being. It grows, it shrinks, it changes constantly. So much the better that with the modular pedalboards from Morton Pedalboards there is finally an approach how to deal with it.

How often does it happen that you have finished your pedalboard and still managed to get the one great pedal that you always wanted? And of course you don’t have any space left on the board. Buy a bigger one now? That will be on the money. And all the work of rewiring them all. Of course, a month later you realize that you don’t really need Pedal X and Pedal Y after all. Living with a gap now? Looks uncool. The life of every pedalboard user. ... weiter lesen


Against the slightly different timing problem – Timebirds workout timer

No, today it is not about playing 64ths with the precision of an atomic clock. It’s more about time handling during your performances, where Timebirds, the Workout Timer might be helpful.

If you and your band like to perform at band battles, festivals or as support act in front of an audience, you will know the problem. You have a certain guideline how long you can play. And depending on how professional the organizer is in his program, it can happen that you get turned off in the middle of a song. Not a nice ending for a gig. ... weiter lesen