You always meet at least twice in life. This is also the case with The Magnet, the smartphone camera holder that you can quickly and easily clip onto the guitar neck. The old-fashioned blog readers might still have the project from 2014 in mind, which unfortunately failed to achieve its funding goal at that time. Meanwhile the second campaign has been successfully completed and the production is right on schedule according to the makers.

But what is The Magnet anyway and what do you need it for?

The way to speed

If you want to be fast you have to start slowly. Nevertheless you will get into situations from time to time, where problems and uncleanliness occur after a certain playing tempo on the guitar. The analysis of this, especially if you don’t have a good teacher at hand, is not easy for most people. How nice it would be if you could simply record your own playing with a camera.
Since nowadays everybody should own a smartphone, the camera itself is no problem anymore. Just finding the right camera position is complex. Whoever has ever tried to put a smartphone on a tripod and then film the action of the plectrum hand knows that this rarely produces usable results. Not to mention the effort involved.

The Magnet now offers the possibility to clamp the Smartphone to the neck of the guitar in such a way that the camera can be perfectly positioned so that it does not disturb playing and is directly aimed at the plectrum hand (or the grip hand).

The whole thing works relaxed and guitar-friendly via magnets and a sliding mechanism to adjust the neck width. But I suspect that you shouldn’t rock too much so that the smartphone won’t end up on the floor after all. So it is rather something for the practice hours in the quiet little room. As a holder for the action-cam during the wild live gig The Magnet is probably not suitable.

Take it easy

Once the smartphone is aligned, the error analysis of your own game can begin. Simply activate the slow motion mode of the camera, start playing and see where and how it hangs. Knowing the error is already a big step towards eliminating the error.

And if you don’t make any mistakes? Ok, then you are so good that you have to shoot a tutorial. Of course The Magnet is great for that as well.

The Magnet is very universal. Only the necks of 8-strings are too wide. It’s a pity, because it would have been good for my Strandberg Metal 8. But it will fit on my Plini.

And what about the usual crowdfund risk? Yes, there is one here as well. But since the initiator Troy Grady took a good 6 years between the first and the second crowdfunding attempt and the construction is not too complex, I assume that the product will be delivered here. How good it will be, one knows of course only afterwards.

The following question marks will probably only be cleared up after the delivery of the final product:

  • Does your own smartphone fit?
  • How secure will the Smartphone be held?
  • Is the tension of the clamp to be adjusted in such a way that it holds the Smartphone securely and does not leave any marks on the neck of the guitar?

Then let’s see if and what will end up in my mailbox in December.

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